2016 Handbook Entry and Order Information


First, I want to thank the committees for both the handbook and the website, whose hard work made this possible.

Once again, the Handbook is accepting online entries as our preferred method!  The entry forms are found by following the links provided below.  We are also accepting online PAYMENT for Honor Roll and Stud Dog Registry entries through the Corgi Boutique.  The forms are self-explanatory, but please contact me if you have any question on how to complete them.  Also, you will find a spot to upload your photos on the entry form.  If you choose to send a hard copy, photo credit is still a required field on the form, and there is an additional $5.00 charge to cover postage.

Honor Roll and Obituary entries are open to all AKC‐titled Pembroke Welsh Corgi Owners.

Honor Roll Entries: We welcome ALL Pembroke Welsh Corgis having earned an AKC title in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Herding, Tracking, Agility, Coursing Ability, Barn Hunt, or other AKC Recognition title(s) to be entered in the Handbook Honor Roll.  Each Honor Roll page includes a color picture, all AKC titles earned through December 31, 2016, listings of major accomplishments and a three generation pedigree.  Performance title winners may substitute a detailed listing of your dog’s accomplishments for the three generation pedigree. Accomplishments may be edited to fit the available space. Pembrokes are eligible for entry regardless of the year (2016 or earlier) in which the title(s) were earned.  

New for 2016 is an ever more expanded Stud Dog registry, which remains limited to dogs owned by PWCCA members.  Fee for a listing is $50.00 you will have a two page spread; the first page (left side) is similar to an honor roll page, with pedigree, honors, titles and pedigree, while the second page includes additional photos of your dog, his notable wins, offspring, health clearances etc.  We think this will be a valuable tool for breeders now and in the future, and we hope you think so too.

And finally, the obituary section will now allow a short, paragraph memorial to your cherished heart dog, and regardless how you submit these entries, they are still at no cost. If you wish to make a donation (optional) to the Charitable Trust in honor of your dog, you may also do this through the Boutique.

We have put together some helpful hints to make submitting your Handbook entries as easy as possible. Please click here to read the Help Sheets.

Carol Donnelly
Chair, PWCCA Handbook Committee

ENTRY DEADLINE IS APRIL 15, 2017 - Entries are now closed

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