Pembroke Welsh Corgi Health Survey

The PWCCA Genetics & Health Committee is pleased to announce that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Health Survey is now up and running on the OFA website. This is a very comprehensive health survey for our breed and will help us determine which health issues are of most significance today. The results from this survey will then help us direct research funding towards these health issues.

It is important that all Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners participate in this survey. Before you answer the survey, take the time to review the health problems for each dog you have owned. You will be asked if your corgi has had a disorder in various body systems, this will then lead you to specific diseases in that body system. You may go back, reset or quit the survey at any time. Remember to try and use a veterinary diagnosis whenever possible.

This survey can be taken for corgis living or deceased.

The link is or go to and find "Surveys" on the home page and go to Pembroke Welsh Corgis.