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Pembroke Welsh Corgis make great companion animals, but they were originally bred to work on the farm and are still happiest if they have a clear-cut purpose in life. Pems excel in all of the performance events, and have proven that even though they may be short in stature, they are very tall in heart! In 1997, it was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that won the "Triple Crown" of Agility competitions, over all other breeds. In 1998, a champion Pembroke Welsh Corgi became the first champion of any breed to earn the Variable Surface Tracking title, the most difficult tracking title for any dog to obtain.

Pembrokes have a mind of their own, but they make willing partners in the show ring and in obedience and agility competition, and they are willing workers in the tracking fields and herding arena. Over the centuries, they have not lost their herding instinct. Another area in which Pembrokes excel are as therapy dogs, and many Pembrokes, both show dogs and pets, accompany their owners to hospitals and nursing homes.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Agility

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Herding

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Obedience

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Tracking

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi in Conformation

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