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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc.

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Officers and Board of Directors

President Sarah Fitzell
Vice President Marlene Rosenberg

Jason Klawinski
10420 Carry Back Circle
Dallas, TX 75229
(281) 381-6150

Recording Secretary

Handles all information concerning roster and
mail list address changes, and ballots. Sends meeting
notices, and maintains minutes and official club records.

Dora Carter
PO Box 249
Bailey, NC 27807 

Corresponding Secretary

Maintains correspondence with AKC, Affiliates, and the public.   
Disseminates information about the breed to the public
including contact information of PWCCA members/breeders.
Distributes letterhead and membership pins.

Linda Thompson
10 Lyon Hill Rd.
Chester, MA  01011-9449
(413) 354-9636

Board of Directors

Class of 2024

Class of 2025

Class of 2026
Lesley Hammar Cindy Crean Amy Caple
Cindy Smith Melissa Ericksen Debbie Dennis, DVM
Vincent Savioli Bonnie Hansen Tom Erffmeyer
Shannon Stone Shawn Michael Holly Russo
Karen Werfield Mary Ann Wehmueller

Sally  Wynn

AKC Delegate:   Kevin Lord

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