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Pembrokes in BOLD have earned their ROM in the year 2023.
ROM for males, 10 Champions sired
ROM for females, 5 Champions produced

Aus CH Aberlee Leave It To Me ROM                                                     (M)

CH Afara Calico Pony ROM                                                                     (M)

CH Albelarm Superstar of Fox Run ROM                                                (M)

CH Alenclaud Alina Cruise ROM                                                             (F)

CH Alenclaud Tony Ash ROM                                                                  (M)

Amsburg’s Own Passions ROM                                                                (F)

CH Amsburg's Own Phat Albert ROM                                                      (M)

Am Can CH Anlen Miss Moneypenny ROM                             (F)

GCH CH Anlen Pay Day ROM                                                                 (M)

Apple Taffy of Furnace Brook ROM                                                         (F)

CH Arbor Canucks Guardian Angel ROM                                                (F)

CH Arbor Festiniog Rickover CDX PT ROM                                           (M)

CH Arbor Festiniog Sea Epic ROM                                            (M)

CH Arbor-Amberdale Angelic ROM                                                         (F)

CH Arbor's Esther ROM                                                                            (F)

CH Ariel's Wendy Darling ROM                                                               (F)

Aust Am CH Athwin Magic Flute ROM                                                   (M)

Am Can CH Aubrey Brookehaven Outlandish PHC ROM                       (M)

CH Aubrey Tenbay Rock & Roll Fantasy ROM                                       (F)

CH Aubrey’s Doin’ It Freestyle ROM                                                       (F)

CH Aubrey’s From This Moment ROM                                                    (F)

CH Aubrey’s Go For The Gold ROM                                                        (F)

CH Aubrey’s River Of Dreams II ROM                                                    (F)

CH Aubreys Forever N For Always ROM                                                (F)

Aurora Tell Me True ROM                                                                        (F)

CH Baccarat of Chryndom ROM                                                              (M)

Am Can CH Bear Acres Mister Snowshoes UD ROM               (M)

CH Bear Acres Two For The Road ROM                                                  (M)

CH Beaumanor Brogan Southern Cross ROM                                    (F)

CH Beckridge Amanda of Pemlea ROM                                                   (F)

Beckridge Sparkle Plenty ROM                                                                (F)

CH Beckridge To Be Or Not To Be ROM                                                 (F)

Belroyd Ladybird ROM                                                                             (F)

Bennett’s Top Dot ROM                                                                            (F)

Am Can CH Blaizewood Hooray Henry CDX ROM                               (M)

CH Blujor Dickens Desert Fox ROM                                                        (M)

CH Blujor Ensemble CD ROM                                                                 (F)

CH Blujor Winsome Lass CD ROM                                                         (F)

Brigadoon Lady Of The Manor ROM                                                       (F)

Brnayr Make A Wish ROM                                                                       (M)

GCHS CH Brogan Bright Light ROM                                                      (F)

CH Brogan's Belle of the Ball ROM                                                         (F)

Brookehaven Strangers In The Night ROM                                              (M)

CH Brookehaven Sweet Serenade ROM                                                   (F)

Brookshire Red Oak Calliope ROM                                           (F)

Brynlea French Maid BN RN CA ROM                                                    (F)

Am Can CH Brynlea Can U Keep A Secret ROM                                    (F)

CH Brynlea Gaylrd Bikini Botom ROM                                                   (F)

CH Brynlea Royalfox Show Stopper ROM                                               (M)

CH Brynlea Rhythm Of The Rain ROM                                                   (F)

Am Can CH Brynlea Vagabond Heart ROM                                            (F)

CH Brynlea Willowisp I Got Rhythm ROM                                             (M)

CH Brynmors Legally Blonde ROM                                                         (F)

CH Busy B's Sweet Dreams ROM                                                            (F)

CH Byendebrok Belles N Whistles CD ROM                                           (F)

CH Byendebrok Tiddlywinks ROM                                            (M)

GCH CH Calista’s Find Another Fool ROM                                            (F)

CH Calloway Memories Of Cinonnie ROM                                             (M)

CH Caralon Calista Hail To Reason ROM                                                (M)

Caralon's Punky Brewster ROM                                                                (F)

Am Can CH Caralon's Q-S Hot Wheels ROM                                          (F)

CH Caralon's Tegwyn Sian CDX PHC TT ROM                                      (F)

CH Caralon-Schaferhaus Mr Magic ROM                                                (M)

GCHB CH Cariadh Cierra Tempest In A Teapot RA FDC CGC ROM (F)

GCH CH Cariadh Dragonfly In Amber ROM                                           (F)

CH Champagne N Caviar ROM                                                                (F)

Cinonnie Sweet Charity ROM                                                                   (F)

CH Citadel Barbican ROM                                                                        (F)

GCH CH Cityside Southern Comfort PHC ROM                                     (F)

Clayview Cartias Wishin And Dreamin ROM                                          (F)

CH Clayview's Dainty Maid ROM                                                            (F)

CH Colburn Brookehaven Mirabeau PHC ROM                                      (F)

Colburn Dover Love Affair ROM                                                             (F)

GCH CH Colburn Sleepy Ln Silver Tongued Devil ROM                       (M)

CH Corgard Memories of Foxway ROM                                                  (F)

CH Corgard's I Deliver Em' ROM                                                             (F)

CH Cormanby Coppersmith ROM                                                            (M)

CH Cormanby Pert Princess ROM                                                            (F)

CH Cote de Neige Bear Acres Coins ROM                                               (M)

CH Cote de Neige Christmas Rush ROM                                                 (F)

Cote de Neige Clarinet ROM                                                                    (F)

CH Cote de Neige Fairy Tale ROM                                            (M)

CH Cote de Neige Fortune Cookie ROM                                                  (F)

CH Cote de Neige Garland ROM                                                              (F)

CH Cote de Neige High Tea ROM                                                            (F)

CH Cote de Neige Magic Flute ROM                                                       (F)

CH Cote de Neige Necklace ROM                                                            (F)

Cote de Neige Pat-A-Cake ROM                                                              (F)

CH Cote de Neige Red Cherry ROM                                                        (M)

CH Cote de Neige Red Rattle ROM                                           (M)

CH Cote de Neige Rush Hour ROM                                                         (F)

Cote de Neige Sea Shell ROM                                                                  (F)

CH Cote de Neige Show Piece ROM                                                        (F)

CH Coventry Naughty By Nature ROM                                                   (F)

CH Coventry Spellbound ROM                                                                 (F)

CH Coventry Vanity Fair ROM                                                                 (F)

CH Coventry Wicket ROM                                                                       (F)

CH Crawleycrow Coracle of Aimhi ROM                                                (F)

UK Ir Am CH Crowleythorn Ladomoorlands ROM                                 (M)

Crysmont's Roebling Opal ROM                                                               (F)

CH Cypress Astoria ROM                                                                         (F)

Cypress Delta Dawn ROM                                                                        (F)

CH Dalarno Banner First Edition ROM                                                    (M)

CH Dalarno Moondance Magic Brew ROM                                             (M)

Dogwood Moonwalking Party Girl ROM                                                 (F)                                                   

Donna’s Klondike Katie ROM                                                                  (F)

CH Dwynella Custom Made ROM                                                           (M)

NZ Am CH Dwynella Royale Footman ROM                                          (M)

Dwynella Smart Fashion ROM                                                                 (F)

Am Mex CH Dellmoor Nicodemus ROM                                                 (M)

Ehrstag's Betsy ROM                                                                                 (F)

Elfame Drowsy Maggie ROM                                                                   (F)

CH Elfame Witching Hour HT OA OAJ NAP NJP ROM                         (F)

CH Elfwish Gingerbread Lady ROM                                                        (F)

UK Am Ir Swed Fin Est CH Elfwish Leprechaun At Craigycor ROM  (M)

CH Elfwish Pea Pod Pixie ROM                                                               (F)

CH Emlyn's Executive ROM                                                                     (M)

CH Escalades Heaven Scent It’s All Me ROM                                         (F)

CH Eversridge Firebird ROM                                                                   (F)

Am Can CH Far Away Honey Candy ROM                                              (F)

CH Fergwyn Now Voyager ROM                                                              (M)

CH Festiniog's Toby Two ROM                                                                (M)

UK Am CH Fire Bird of Cogges ROM                                                     (F)

CH Fitzdown Salmon Spray ROM                                                            (M)

CH Fourwents Brondda of Andely ROM                                                  (F)

CH Foxlore Rhyme Or Reason ROM                                                        (F)

Am Can CH Fox Meadows Shasta PHC ROM                                         (M)

Foxtale's Good News Bear ROM                                                              (F)

CH Foxway A Rumor of Grace ROM                                                       (F)

GCH CH Foxwood’s Avery Lane ROM                                                    (F)

CH Foxwood B-Majic Ally McBeal ROM                                                (F)

CH Foxwood’s Love Of The Game ROM                                                 (F)

Garvins Covey Rise ROM                                                                         (F)

Garvins Ladybird ROM                                                                             (F)

CH Gaylord’s Poitier ROM                                                                       (M)

Glenmoor Constant Comment CGC ROM                                               (F)

GCH CH Graceland Cattal’s Phantom Dancer At Caamora HSAs TDI ROM (M)

GCH CH Graceland XIV Karat Happy Birthday Mr President ROM      (F)

CH Grand Cayman of Chryndom ROM                                                    (M)

Greenforest's Diedra ROM                                                                        (F)

GCHB CH Greenwoods Lightning Strike ROM                                  (M)

CH Greenwoods Midnight Flyer ROM                                                     (M)

CH Greenwoods Midnight Melody ROM                                                 (F)

Am Can CH Halmor Hi-Fi ROM                                                              (M)

CH Halmor's Winrod Spencer ROM                                                         (M)

CH Haley Cambria Andromeda ROM                                                       (F)

GCH CH Harmony Annie Oakley ROM                                               (F)

GCH CH Heaven Scent’s Kiss My Blarney Stone ROM                          (F)

CH Heronsway Affair To Remember ROM                                              (F)

CH Heronsway Aria ROM                                                          (F)

CH Heronsway Cockatoo Ridge ROM                                                      (F)

CH Heronsway Island Girl ROM                                                              (F)

CH Heronsway Mata Hari ROM                                                               (F)

CH Heronsway The West Wing ROM                                                       (F)

GCH CH Hideaways Snake Farm Ooooooh ROM                              (F)

CH Hildenmanor Magenta ROM                                                               (F)

Honeyfox Don’t Eat The Daisies ROM                                                     (F)

CH Honeyfox Mrs Tiggy-Winkle ROM                                                    (F)

CH Honeyfox Naughty Nutmeg ROM                                                      (F)

CH Hum’nbird Hanky Panky Heart ROM                                                (F)

CH Hum’nbird Ice Lily ROM                                                                   (F)

CH Hum’nbird Over The Waves ROM                                                     (F)

CH Ivywood-Llandians Sweet Pea ROM                                                  (F)

CH Jeager Affair Of The Heart ROM                                                   (M)

CH Jeager St Pats Irish Cream ROM                                                        (F)

Josay’s Cricket On The Hearth ROM                                                        (F)

CH Just Enuff of The Real Thing ROM                                                    (M)

CH Kalypso Pretty Little Liar ROM                                                     (F)

GCH CH Kalypso Wake Up Call ROM                                                    (F)

CH Kamiri Midnite Bliss ROM                                                                 (F)

CH Karenhurst Joshua ROM                                                                     (M)

Karolaska Chinkapin ROM                                                                       (F)

CH Kaybe Corgard Double Play @ Foxlore  ROM                                  (F)

CH Katydid's Ebonsu Molly ROM                                                            (F)

CH Katydid's Sunny K'Phar Lap CDX TDX ROM                                   (F)

CH Kaybe Corgard Forever Stunning ROM                                             (F)

CH Kaydon Eversridge Penny ROM                                                         (F)

CH Kaydon's Sue CD ROM                                                                      (F)

GCH CH Keelmtn Bless Your Heart CAA BCAT CGC ROM                  (F)

Keepsake Just Imagine ROM                                                                    (F)

Keepsake Smooth Confession ROM                                                         (F)

Am Can CH Keepsake Tempting Fate ROM                                            (F)

CH Kempio's I'm An Angel ROM                                                             (F)

CH Kennadale's Chloe ROM                                                                     (F)

CH Larchmonts Ali'Se ROM                                                                     (F)

CH Larchmonts Buff Puff ROM                                                               (F)

CH Larchmonts Cream Puff ROM                                                            (F)

CH Larchmonts Jafar ROM                                                                       (M)

CH Larchmonts Linvar Candyman PHC ROM                                         (M)

CH Larklain Bandits Dart ROM                                                                (M)

GCH CH Larklain Parkers Femme Fatale ROM                                       (F)

Larklain Rogers Sheer Delight ROM                                                        (F)

Larklain Stoneys Gigget HC ROM                                                           (F)

CH Larklain-Bj Legends Sunshine ROM                                                  (F)

Larklains Butter Fox ROM                                                                        (F)

CH Larklains Dandy Ambassador ROM                                                   (M)

CH Larklains Dandy Sunsprite ROM                                                        (F)

CH Larklains Empress ROM                                                                     (F)

CH Larklains Firebright ROM                                                                  (M)

CH Larklains Funtime Stardust ROM                                                       (M)

Larklains Master Cameo ROM                                                                  (F)

CH Larklains Toppy ROM                                                          (F)

CH Lees Craythorne's Golden Plover ROM                                              (M)

Lees Lizette ROM                                                                                      (F)

Am Can CH Lees Mynah CD TD ROM                                                    (M)

CH Left Bank Valedictorian ROM                                                            (F)

Am Can CH Leftbank The Stars At Night CD ROM                                (M)

CH Lin-Kel’s New Dawn Of Stars ROM                                                  (F)

CH Lin-Kel’s Southern Splendor ROM                                                    (F)

Linvars Rockin Robyn ROM                                                                     (F)

CH Lionhart’s Lady Of The Lake ROM                                                    (F)

GCHG CH Lismore’s Phantom Legacy ROM                                          (M)

GCH CH Lively Mystic Magic ROM                                                    (F)

Am Can CH Llanfair Bright Promise CD ROM                                       (M)

CH Lonikii's Domino Intowishin ROM                                                    (F)

CH Lonikii's Raisin' Cane ROM                                                               (M)

CH Lostriver Tri’Dntru Irish Mist ROM                                                   (M)

LS Celinedion ROM                                                                                  (F)

Am Can Bda CH Macksons The Young Pretender ROM                          (M)

Mahan Creek’s Sticks And Stones ROM                                                   (F)

Am Ir CH Maplecreek Montgomery ROM                                               (M)

CH Maplecreek Stealing Home ROM                                                       (M)

CH Maracas Gale Force of Cleden ROM                                                  (M)

CH Marlou Imagination ROM                                                                  (F)

CH Marnac Velvet Escape ROM                                                               (F)

CH M-Candol Betcha Babe ROM                                                             (F)

Am Can CH M-Candol's Lacey Britches HT ROM                                  (F)

Am Can CH Megan of Karenhurst ROM                                                  (F)

CH Menfreyas Classical Jazz ROM                                            (M)

CH Misty Ridge Ruff N Rowdy At Redfox ROM                                     (M)

CH Misty Ridge Taylors Li’l Black Dress FDC ROM               (F)

CH My Gay Charmer CD ROM                                                                (F)

GCHP CH Nchanted Silk Lining ROM                                                     (M)

CH Nebriowa Amber Mist ROM                                                               (F)

CH Nebriowa Chief Detective ROM                                                         (M)

CH Nebriowa Giorgio ROM                                                                      (M)

CH Nebriowa Hello Good Lookin ROM                                                   (F)

CH Nebriowa Image of Rosewood ROM                                                  (F)

CH Nebriowa Red Stilettos ROM                                                             (F)

CH Nebriowa Weatherstone Spree ROM                                                  (F)

Northwood M-Tak Pennystock CDX CGC ROM                                     (F)

CH Northwood Spellbound ROM                                                             (F)

CH Oakbar California Dreamer ROM                                                       (F)

Omega's Illusion ROM                                                                              (F)

CH Omega's Magic Moment ROM                                                           (F)

O'Melaghlin's Mistytoo ROM                                                                   (F)

One Love Arctic Cupid ROM                                                                    (F)

CH Otreks Fool Me Once ROM                                                                (M)

CH Otreks Hearts Design ROM                                                                (F)

CH Overo Pinkalicious AX OAJ ROM                                                     (F)

CH Overo Secret Garden PT ROM                                                           (F)

GCH CH Overo Silvertini PT CAA DCAT CGCA CGCU ROM       (M)

CH Parisien Model ROM                                                                          (F)

CH Paws Medicine Woman ROM                                                             (F)

CH Peggysmill Smart Guy ROM                                                              (M)

Am Can CH Pelona Chianti PHC CGC ROM                                           (F)

CH Pemland Maestro ROM                                                                       (M)

CH Pemland Symphony ROM                                                                  (F)

Pemleas Classy Affair ROM                                                                      (F)

GCHG CH Pennyshire Solid Alibi ROM                                                  (M)

CH Pineywood Jak-Mars Windsheer ROM                                              (F)

CH Penmoel Mitzi ROM                                                                           (F)

CH Pennington Benchmark ROM                                                             (M)

CH Pennington Glory Hallelujah ROM                                                    (F)

CH Penrick Flewellyn CD ROM                                                               (M)

CH Pentalar Star Struck of Revelmere ROM                              (M)

Penways Silver Silhouette ROM                                                               (F)

CH Perivale Flight Of Fancy ROM                                                       (F)

CH Pettiwood's Superman ROM                                                               (M)

CH Pinemeade Garden Party ROM                                                          (F)

CH Pinemeade Ruckus ‘N Ruffles ROM                                                  (F)

CH Pinemeade War Party ROM                                                                (M)

Pineywood Jak-Mars Lemon Drop ROM                                                  (F)

GCH CH Pineywood Jak-Mar Sweet N’ Low ROM                                (M)

CH Popplebury High Blaze ROM                                                             (M)

CH Presqu'Ile Llani ROM                                                                         (F)

CH Putnam's Tinker Bell ROM                                                                 (F)

Am Can CH Quandas Buffy Saint Marie ROM                                        (F)

CH Renefield Sport Coat ROM                                                                 (M)

CH Renefield Sportscaster ROM                                                              (M)

Am Can CH Revelmere Cordoba ROM                                                    (M)

CH Revelmere In The Pink ROM                                                             (F)

CH Riverside Dream Addition UDT PHC VC ROM                                (F)

CH Riverside Out of Necessity ROM                                                       (F)

CH Riverside The Protégé ROM                                                               (F)

CH Riverun’s Perfect Lover ROM                                                        (M)

CH Rivona Moon Melody ROM                                                               (M)

CH Rock Creek Somerset Magnolia TD ROM                                         (F)

CH Rosewood Breeze’n By ROM                                                            (F)

CH Roughouse Applause Applause CDX TD ROM                                 (F)

CH Roughouse Pennington Daryl ROM                                                   (M)

Roughouse Standing Ovation ROM                                            (F)

Rover Run Ojai Belle ROM                                                                      (F)

Rover Run Romance ROM                                                                        (F)

CH Rowell Fine Finish ROM                                                                    (F)

CH Rozavel Uncle Sam of Waseeka ROM                                               (M)

Am Can Aus CH Rryde Symphony ROM                                                 (F)

CH Saddle Lanes Autumn Angel ROM                                                     (F)

CH Saddle Lane's Star Struck ROM                                                          (F)

CH Sandfox Fly So Free ROM                                                                  (F)

CH Sandfox Heavenly Body ROM                                                           (F)

GCH CH Sandfox Interlude ROM                                                            (F)

GCH CH Sandfox Kismet ROM                                                               (F)

CH Sandfox Skywalker At XIII Maples ROM                                          (M)

CH Sandyshire Summer Breeze ROM                                                      (F)

Sandyshire's Lace Work ROM                                                                   (F)

CH Sandyshire’s Phoebe ROM                                                                 (F)

Am Can CH Sandyshire’s Sunny Delight ROM                                        (M)

Schaferhaus Caralon of JaJu ROM                                                            (F)

Schaferhaus Caralon Puffin ROM                                                             (F)

Am Can CH Schaferhaus Danielle ROM                                                  (F)

Am Can CH Schaferhaus Fogcutter UD PHC PT ROM                           (M)

Schaferhaus Honey N'Cream ROM                                                          (F)

Schaferhaus Supersmooch ROM                                                               (F)

Am Can CH Scotmorns Designer Genes PHC ROM                               (F)

Fr Belg Int CH Shamquin Emei Shan HSAs ROM                                  (F)

CH Shavals Fire Classic At Craigycor ROM                                            (M)

Am Can CH Sippiwisset Compass Rose ROM                                         (F)

CH Snowdonias Black Knight ROM                                                         (M)

CH Snowdonia's Duplicate Copy ROM                                                    (F)

CH Snowdonias Four Roses ROM                                                            (F)

Am Can CH Spartan of Blands of Werwow ROM                                    (M)

CH Springmill Concert Soloist ROM                                                        (F)

CH Springmill Take A Bow ROM                                                            (F)

Am GCH Can CH Stillwater Jeopardy CD RN CGC ROM                     (M)

CH Stokeplain Fair Chance Cote d Neige ROM                                       (M)

CH Stormerbanks Poetry ROM                                                                 (F)

Stormerbanks Timbermist ROM                                                               (M)

CH Stormwey Paddy ROM                                                                       (M)

CH Sua Mah Hail And Farewell ROM                                                      (F)

CH Sua Mah Hailstorm ROM                                                                   (F)

CH Sua Mah Happy-Go-Lucky NA ROM                                                (M)

CH Summertime Flying Fancy Free ROM                                                (F)

CH Summithill Super Hero ROM                                                             (M)       

GCH CH Sundance Ridicously Bubbly ROM                                           (F)

CH Sunny Bank's Windjammer Tart CD ROM                                         (F)

CH Talisman Sua Mah Scandalous ROM                                                  (F)

CH Tallyrand Amazing Love ROM                                                          (F)

Tallyrand Brynmere First Love ROM                                                       (F)

CH Tallyrand Doubting Thomas ROM                                                      (M)

Tamera’s Nevadian ROM                                                                          (F)

CH Tandem Acres Cinnamon Toast ROM                                                 (F)

CH Tegwen of Chryndom ROM                                                                (F)

Terenelf's Tickle My Fancy ROM                                                             (F)

GCH CH The Goodboy Beyond Fame ROM                             (M)

CH Thompson's Tom-Foolery ROM                                                         (M)

GCHB CH Townhill Penny Lane ROM                                                    (F)

Tresaith Star Magnolia At Cajun Creek ROM                                     (F)

CH Tresaith’s Annabella Amore DCAT ROM                                           (F)

CH Tresaith’s Lucky Strike CA SWN ROM                                             (F)

CH Tresaiths Glenys Goes For Gold CD RA PT OA OAJ ROM              (F)

CH Trewhyl Lyric of Pennington ROM                                                    (F)

CH Triad Fizzical Evidence ROM                                                             (F)

CH Triad Roughouse Night Watch ROM                                                  (F)

Triad Simply Romantic ROM                                                                    (F)

CH Triad Token Tete-A-Tete ROM                                                           (F)

GCH CH Trifecta Ez Brie Z ROM                                                            (F)

CH Triple H Brewing Memories ROM                                                     (F)

CH Triple H Cal Ripken ROM                                                                  (M)

CH Tri-umph ‘Taint No Saint ROM                                           (M)

CH Ursa Major Daemon Keshlorian ROM                                               (F)

CH Vangard Havava ROM                                                          (F)

Am Can Bda CH Velour of Rowell ROM                                                 (M)

CH Vennwoods Masterpiece ROM                                                           (M)

CH Virginia of Fox Covert ROM                                                              (F)

CH Walborah's Hobby ROM                                                                     (F)

CH Wanderpond Cooperstown ROM                                                        (M)

CH Wanderpond Dancin Cheektcheek ROM                              (F)

Waseeka's Topaz ROM                                                                              (F)

Am Can CH Welcanis Constellation Faraway ROM                                 (F)

CH Westbourne’s Taylor Made ROM                                                        (F)

GCH CH Westside Simply Remember ROM                             (F)

Whitepoint Champselysse ROM                                                               (F)

CH Wicklow's Whizzer ROM                                                                   (M)

CH Wildifox Calloway Armani ROM                                                       (M)

CH Willets Red Jacket ROM                                                                     (M)

Windhamlair Ivysedge Clarke ROM                                                         (F)

CH Windhamlair Little Black Dress ROM                                               (F)

CH Windsor Golden Dragon ROM                                                           (F)

CH Windsor's Sand Dragon ROM                                                             (M)

CH Windyle Extravagance ROM                                                              (M)

GCH CH Woodsedge Brynlea Bastille My Heart ROM                           (F)

GCHB CH Woodsedge Brynlea Noir Like Me ROM                               (M)

CH Wyndtree Diamond In The Ruff ROM                                                (F)

CH Wyndtree I Love Lucy At Birch Hill ROM                                        (F)

Wyeford Bonny Madam ROM                                                                  (F)

CH XIV Karat Deck The Halls ROM                                                        (F)

CH XIV Karat Follow Your Heart ROM                                                   (F)

CH XIV Karat It’s All About Me ROM                                                (F)

CH XIV Karat Run For The Roses PT ROM                              (M)

CH Zorro Miel of Menfreya ROM                                                            (F)

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