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Judging / Procedural Articles

PWCCA Breed Seminar Materials

Click here for a copy of the presentation given in the PWCCA Judges Education classroom seminar.

Click here for the judges pocket guide on the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Illustrated Standard

The Illustrated Standard is provided in the classroom materials for all prospective judges attending a PWCCA Judges Education seminar. It is also available for purchase by clicking here.

Other Materials

Click here for an excellent article titled "Judging the Pembroke Welsh Corgi."  This article was first printed in the "Bulletin" of the Dog Judges Association of America, Inc., Spring, 2007 issue and is endorsed by the JEC of the PWCCA.

Basic Procedure for Judging the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Assess the outline and balance of the dog from at least 15 feet away from the dogs - both standing and gaiting.
  • Always examine a Pembroke Welsh Corgi on a table. Wait until the first dog is set up on the table before examining him. Stand away from the table to assess balance and outline.
  • Evaluate true Corgi expression on the ground, not on the table. Do not throw items to get expression.
  • Judge both sides of the Corgi to check for mismarks.
  • Special emphasis should be placed on side movement.

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