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Pembrokes in BOLD have earned their ROMX in the year 2023
ROMX for males, 15 Champions sired
ROMX for females, 8 Champions produced

CH Aberlee Bransby ROMX                                                                     (M)

Am Aus NZ CH Aberlee Phantom Sequence ROMX                               (M)

CH Aberlee Storm Force ROMX                                                              (M)

CH Aberlee Summer Flight ROMX                                            (F)

Afara Zipadeedoodah ROMX                                                                    (F)

CH Adastars Good Golly Ms Dolly ROMX                                              (F)

GCHS CH Alenclaud Vicenta ROMX                                                       (F)

Fin Est CH Anwyl Winds O Change ROMX                              (M)

CH Anzil Elegant Lady ROMX                                                                 (F)

CH Arbor Festiniog Idle Gossip ROMX                                                   (F)

CH Arbor Festiniog Voyager ROMX                                                        (M)

CH Beaujolais of Revelmere ROMX                                                        (F)

CH Bekonpenn Count Doronicum CD ROMX                                         (M)

CH Belroyd Seabird ROMX                                                                      (M)

CH Benfro Abigail Adams ROMX                                                            (F)

CH Benfro Eloise ROMX                                                                         (F)

CH Benfro Lord Gambier ROMX                                                             (M)

CH Bicliff's Token Motion ROMX                                                           (M)

CH Bowman Benita ROMX                                                                      (F)

Am Can CH Braxentra Michaelmas ROMX                                             (M)

CH Bridholme Jordanian Sunlight ROMX                                                (F)

Am Can CH Brookehaven Pfeif And Drum PHC ROMX                         (M)

GCH CH Brookeshire Serene Lunar Luxury ROMX                               (F)

CH Busy B's Bark of Ammanford ROMX                                                (F)

CH Busy B's Cherry Bark Key ROMX                                                     (F)

CH Byendebrok Maplecreek Baccarat CD HSAs MX AXJ VCX ROMX (M)

Am Aust Can CH Caamora Gandy Dancer HSAs ROMX                        (M)

CH Caamora Paper Doll HT ROMX                                                         (F)

CH Cadno Melanie ROMX                                                                       (F)

CH Cappykorns Bach ROMX                                                                   (M)

Am Can CH Caralon Calista Yes I Can ROMX                                        (F)

CH Caralon's Casper At Gaylord ROMX                                                  (M)

CH Caralon's Lana Lee ROMX                                                                 (F)

Am Can CH Caralon's Q-T Sequoya ROMX                              (M)

Am Can CH Cinonnie Rigel ROMX                                                         (M)

GCH CH Ciregna Thats Amore ROMX                                                    (M)

CH Clayfield Paisley ROMX                                                                    (F)

CH Cormanby Cavalier ROMX                                                                (M)

CH Corgard Kaybe Memories Forever ROMX                                         (F)

CH Cote de Neige Chance of Fox Run ROMX                                         (M)

CH Cote de Neige Christmas Candy ROMX                              (M)

CH Cote de Neige Instant Replay ROMX                                                 (M)

CH Cote de Neige Pennysaver ROMX                                                      (M)

CH Cote de Neige Sundew ROMX                                                           (M)

CH Courtllyn Chagal ROMX                                                                    (M)

CH Coventry Candle N The Wynd ROMX                                               (F)

CH Coventry Elle ROMX                                                                         (F)

UK Am CH Craythornes Cassia of Cowfold ROMX                                (F)

CH Dalarno Play It Again Sam ROMX                                                     (M)

CH Dwynella Take A Chance ROMX                                                       (M)

GCH CH Eden Crowns Designer Label CGC ROMX                (M)

CH Elfwish Good As Gold ROMX                                                           (F)

CH Elfwish Lyleth ROMX                                                                        (F)

CH Faerie Glen Dina O’Shanteroo ROMX                                               (F)

CH Faraway The Magic Kan-D-Kid CD ROMX                                      (M)

Fenlea Special Moonshine ROMX                                                            (F)

Am Can CH Festiniog's Moonraker ROMX                                             (M)

CH Festiniog's Touchdown UDX PT NA ROMX VC                              (M)

Am Can CH Foxash Dawn Piper of Rowell ROMX                                 (M)

CH Foxlor Shaferhaus Sammy Sosa ROMX                                            (M)

CH Foxway Corg'Rd Crystal Legacy ROMX                                           (M)

Foxway Marnac Ali-Oops ROMX                                                             (F)

CH Garvins Magic Marker ROMX                                                           (M)

Am Can CH Gaylord's Bobbindobber ROMX                                          (M)

CH Greenwoods Fame And Fortune ROMX                                            (M)

GCHB CH Greenwoods Livin’ It Up ROMX                             (M)

CH Greenwoods Sudden Impact ROMX                                                   (M)

CH Hallmarks Olympian ROMX                                                              (M)

CH Halmor Pathfinder ROMX                                                                  (M)

GCH CH Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti ROMX                                         (M)

GCHB CH Heritage Brogan Light The Lamp ROMX                (M)

CH Heronsway Freestyle UDT HT TT VC ROMX                                  (M)

CH Heronsway How Sweet It Is ROMX                                                   (M)

CH Hideaways Dragon Dancer ROMX                                                     (F)

CH Highgrove Picture Postcard ROM                                                      (F)

CH Hildenmanor Master Spy ROMX                                                       (M)

CH Honeyfox Royal Celebration ROMX                                              (F)

GCH CH Honeyfox So Dash N Debonair CD BN RAE THDA CGCA ROMX (M)

CH Honeyfox Starstruck ROMX                                                               (M)

GCH CH Honeyfox Sweet Tea BN RN CA ROMX                                 (F)

Am Can CH Horoko Caralon Dickens CGC ROMX                                (M)

GCH CH Hum’nbird Groundhog Day ROMX                                          (M)

CH Hum'Nbird Valedictorian ROMX                                                       (M)

CH Irisan Bengimum Boy of Rivona CD ROMX                                     (M)

CH Jade Tree Just Deserts ROMX                                                            (F)

Am Can CH Jade Tree Penway Up Country CD PHC ROMX                 (M)

CH Kamiri Magic Conection ROMX                                                        (F)

Katydid's Bronz M'Jammey ROMX                                           (F)

CH Keebear Oakwind Circletop Makin Rounds ROMX                    (F)

Am Can CH Lamin Rumor Has It NA ROMX                                          (M)

CH Larchmonts Diamond Buffer ROMX                                                 (F)

CH Larchmont's Golden Triumph CD ROMX                                          (M)

CH Larklain Babeta ROMX                                                                      (F)

CH Larklain Bandits Red Sun ROMX                                                      (M)

CH Larklain Rogers Magic Marker ROMX                                              (M)

CH Larklain Topper ROMX                                                                      (M)

CH Larklains Master Dare ROMX                                                            (M)

CH Larklains Redd Dandy ROMX                                                            (M)

Larklain's Token ROMX                                                                            (F)

CH Laststop Bump In The Night ROMX                                                  (F)

Am Can CH Lees Briardale Midnight ROMX                                          (M)

Am Can CH Lees Symphony ROMX                                                        (M)

Am Can CH Leonine Leprechaun ROMX                                                (M)

GCH CH Linincorgi’s Livin’ On A Prayer ROMX                                   (M)

GCH CH Lionhart’s Cameo Appearance ROMX                                      (F)

CH Lin-Kel Nanteos Geraint ROMX                                                        (M)

CH Lin-Kel Nanteos Rhiannon ROMX                                                     (F)

CH Lin-Kel's I'M No Hooker ROMX                                                       (F)

Am Can CH Llanfair Night Owl ROMX                                                   (M)

UK Am CH Lynfarne Poldark ROMX                                                      (M)

Am Can CH M Candol's Rochill Fergie ROMX                                       (F)

CH Magnum of Vennwoods ROMX                                                         (M)

CH Maplecreek Silver Spoon ROMX                                                       (M)

Am Can Bda CH Maracas Monarch of Cleden ROMX                            (M)

GCH CH Martindale Black Bart ROMX                                                   (M)

CH Martindale Butter Brickle ROMX                                                      (M)

CH Mar-Wil's Cayenne Pepper ROMX                                                     (F)

CH Master Major of Millerhof ROMX                                                     (M)

CH M-Candol E-Z Todoittoo CD CGC ROMX                                        (M)

CH Misty Ridge Rumblestiltskin MXP MJP OFP T2BP TKN ROMX    (M)

GCHG CH Nchanted Concerto ROMX                                                     (M)

CH Nebriowa Christian Dior ROMX                                                        (M)

CH Nebriowa Front And Center ROMX                                                   (M)

CH Nebriowa Greenforest Ranger ROMX                                                (M)

Am Can CH Nebriowa Jordache Fox Meadow ROMX                            (M)

CH Nebriowa Jovan ROMX                                                                      (M)

GCH CH Nebriowa Saddleshoes ROMX                                                  (M)

CH Nebriowa Stitch In Time ROMX                                                        (F)

CH Nebriowa The Blacksmith CDX ROMX                              (M)

CH Nebriowa Vangard Center Line ROMX                                              (M)

CH Ninacorte Chicago Hope ROMX                                                        (M)

UK Am CH Ninacorte Star Caster at Woodhenge ROMX                        (M)

CH Northwoods Song And Dance ROMX                                                (F)

GCH CH Oakgrove Triple H Billie Jean ROMX                                      (F)

CH Otreks Herman Josephs ROMX                                           (M)

CH Overo Fly Me To The Moon PT ROMX                                            (F)

GCH CH Pembury House Be Still My Heart OA OAJ ROMX                (M)

CH Pemcader Belroyd Zodiac ROMX                                                      (M)

CH Pennington Ramblin' Lad ROMX                                                       (M)

CH Penway's Town And Country ROMX                                                 (M)

CH Perrymist Red Affair ROMX                                                              (M)

CH Picabo’s One Hot Chick ROMX                                                         (F)

CH Pinemeade Paper Dragon ROMX                                                       (M)

CH Pot O’Gold’s Front Runner RN ROMX                                              (M)

CH Red Envoy of Brome CD ROMX                                                       (M)

CH Redfox’s Double Your Pleasure ROMX                                             (F)

CH Revelmere Bring Me Joy ROMX                                                       (M)

CH Riverside Red Alert ROMX                                                                (F)

GCH CH Riverside Wicked Wonderful CGC ROMX                (F)

GCHP CH Riverside Xtra Style ROMX                                                    (M)

CH Rivona Such Success ROMX                                                              (M)

CH Rivona Top Notch ROMX                                                                  (M)

CH Rosewood Brigantine ROMX                                                             (M)

GCH CH Rosewood Sea Quest ROMX                                                    (M)

CH Rosewood Yankee Clipper ROMX                                                     (M)

CH Rupertbear of Wey ROMX                                                                  (M)

GCH CH Ryslip History Boy ROMX                                                       (M)

CH Salvenik Sweet Thoughts ROMX                                                       (M)

GCH CH Sandfox Cadenza ROMX                                            (M)

CH Sandfox Destiny ROMX                                                                     (F)

CH Sandfox Flying Finish UD HS MX XJ VC ROMX                            (M)

CH Sandfox Greenwoods Chances Are ROMX                                        (F)

GCH CH Sandfox Medaglio D’Oro ROMX                                             (M)

GCH CH Sandfox Willie Wagtail THDA CGC ROMX                            (M)

CH Sandyshire's The Phantom ROMX                                                     (M)

Am Can CH Schaferhaus Aeroglend Tupnc ROMX                                 (F)

Schaferhaus Foxlore Sassy ROMX                                                           (F)

Am Can CH Schaferhaus Usherhaus Robbi ROMX                                 (M)

Am Can CH Schaferhaus Yul B of Quanda ROMX                                  (M)

CH Shavals Fire Master ROMX                                                                (M)

GCHS CH Springmill A Blast From The Past ROMX               (M)

GCH CH Springmill Sweet Talkin Guy ROMX                                   (M)

Am Can CH Stonecroft's Second Sight ROMX                                        (M)

CH Stormerbanks Tristram Of Cote de Neige ROMX               (M)

CH Stormerbanks Winrod Fergus ROMX                                                 (M)

CH Sua Mah Thanks For Believing HSAs ROMX                                   (M)

CH Summertime Enchanted Knight ROMX                                             (M)

GCH CH Sundance Grace Kelly ROMX                                                  (F)

Am Can CH Suzyque's Southern Snowbear ROMX                                 (M)

CH Tallyrand Archangel Michael ROMX                                                 (M)

GCH CH Tallyrand Halo Chaser ROMX                                                  (M)

CH Tallyrand No Greater Love ROMX                                                     (M)

Tallyrand Twinkling Of An Eye ROMX                                                    (F)

CH Tams Jazzman of Larchmont ROMX                                                  (M)

CH Terenelf's Honeyfox ROMX                                                               (F)

Aust CH Trehilyn Don’t Hold Back ROMX                                             (M)

CH Triad Captain Crunch CDX AX PHC NAJ ROMX                            (M)

CH Triad Sentimental Reasons ROMX                                                 (M)

CH Triple H Mid Knight Rumble ROMX                                                 (M)

Triple H Moonwalker ROMX                                                                   (M)

CH Triad Toast of The Town CD PHC ROMX                                         (F)

CH Triple H Once In A Brew Moon ROMX                                             (M)

Triple H Out In Left Field ROMX                                                            (F)

CH Twinan Another Chance For Salvenik ROMX                                    (M)

CH Tymawr Roamer ROMX                                                                     (M)

CH Vangard Mister Ski Bum ROMX                                                        (M)

CH Vangard The Last Chance ROMX                                                       (F)

CH Vennwoods Zodiac ROMX                                                                 (M)

CH Walborah Xie Xie of Renefield ROMX                                              (F)

Am Can CH Wee Folks Tudor Tapestry PHC ROMX                              (F)

CH Woodbine Flashy Alibi ROMX                                                          (M)

UK CH Woodhenge Sun Maiden ROMX                                                  (F)

CH XIV Karat Rainbow Over The Mountain ROMX                              (F)

GCHG CH XIV Karat Special Place In My Heart At Brigadoon CGC TKN ROMX (M)

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