The operation of the PWCCA is divided into areas of common interest, each headed by a board member as the coordinator of that area with the committee chairs reporting to the board via their coordinator. This streamlines reports to the board and organizes the club's operations. The COORDINATORS are displayed at the top of each section, with the committees organized under that coordinator listed directly beneath them. The AKC Delegate, Mediation Committee, Nominating Committee and the Membership Chairman report directly to the board.





Anne Bowes


Kevin Lord, Coordinator
ROM/ROMX Kathi Charpie, Chair & Top Producer Statistician
Service Awards Diane Sprung
Statisticians Carol Schroeder, Conformation 
Bonnie Hansen, Performance
Trophies & Awards

Cindy Savioli, Chair,
Vince Savioli,
Bobbe Lord,
Sandra Hansen, Tasha Tudor Certificates
Carol Schroeder, Awards Certificates 
Bonnie Hansen, VC/VCX Certificates


Shawn Michael, Coordinator
Affiliate Clubs Linda Thompson
Electronic Media Jason Klawinski, Chair
Amy Caple
Dora Carter
Lesley Hammar
Janice Palmer
Financial Review Committee Russell Allen
Shawn Michael
Job Description Manual Tammy Floyd, Chair
Jo Durrance
Judges Tabulators Patty Gailey, Chair
Jo Durrance
Jason Klawinski
Oracle Patsy Smith
Jason Klawinski
Rescue Mary Day
Ways and Means Karen Werfield
Lesley Hammar


Feli Noeller, Coordinator
Peer Education Carol Donnelly, Chair
Carrie Chase
Bonnie Hansen
Public Education

Leslie Reed, Chair
Bobbe Lord
Cindy Smith

Judges Education

Marilyn Van Vleit, Chair
Larry Adams
Patty Gailey
Betsey Orman
Sandra Wolfskill

Genetics & Health Ann Marie Buonanno, Chair
Melissa Ericksen
Marthina Greer
Feli Noeller
Willys Treanor
Junior Scholarship Debra Castelanelli, Chair
Dede Rodgers
Amy Balchum


Amy Caple, Coordinator
Performance Coordinator Chris Mosely, Chair
Corporate Sponsors Bill Shelton, Chair
Show Manual Judy Hart, Chair
Walter O'Brien
Carrie Chase
Trophy Sponsors Shannon Stone
Vendor Coordinator Linda Williams
National Specialty Show
Event Coordinator
Judy Hart, Interim
2021 Show Committee 
Virginia Beach, VA
Joan Scott & Shawn Michael, Chairs
Mary Ann Wehmeuller, Performance  
Carol Donnelly, Herding
Jane Glier, Agility
Walter O’Brien, Rally 
John Dugan, Obedience
No Tracking
2022 Show Committee 
 Roberts Centre, OH
Gerald Kyle & Kim Maffit, Show Chairs
Chris Mosley, Performance Chair
2023 Show Committee 
 Purina Farms, MO
Kevin Lord, Chair
Sarah Fitzell, Performance
2024 Show Committee  


Chari Magnan, Coordinator

Sybil Smith

AKC Gazette Columnist Lynda McKee
Archives Jo Durrance, Chair
Paul Cope
Linda Thompson
Calendar of Events Sharon Cerny
Legislation Gail Steinmetz, Chair


Marian Your, Coordinator
Accountant Sarah Fitzell

Carol Donnelly, Chair
Bonnie Hanson
Erin Moore
Sue Neave
Lea Jacobs

Inventory Manager Sharon Irving
Newsletter Publication

Sandy Wolfskill, Editor and Production Manager
Marcene Perry, Advertising Co-Editor
Sue Neave & Patsy Smith, Critiques Editors
Marilyn Van Vleit, Conformation Editor
Mary Ann Wehmueller, Performance Editor
Linda Thompson, Affiliate Clubs
Melissa Ericksen, Dog Index 
Robin Fazzold, Filler Coordinator
Sharon Cerny, Events Calendar
Gail Marcum, Subscription Manager
Beverly Garbutt, Mailing List

Newsletter Management

Marian Your, Chair
Sandy Wolfskill
Melissa Ericksen
Bev Garbutt
Gail Marcum
Sue Neave
Marcene Perry
Patsy Smith
Linda Thompson


Mediation Linda Thompson, Chair
Marian Your
Marlene Rosenberg
Membership Marlene Rosenberg, Chair
Shannon Stone
Lesley Hammer
Nominating Patsy Smith, Chair
Betsey Orman
Bobbe Lord
Alternates: Russell Allen, Darcy Babcock



Ann Marie Buonanno
Sarah Fitzell
Patty Gailey
Linda Thompson
Adrienne Saffell
Rebecca Williams, DVM
Sally Wynn