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2007 - Warwick, RI

Judge(s): Glenda Cook(D/I) Thomas Mathiesen(B), Entry: 541

Best of Breed: Ch. Arbor Festiniog Tempest

Best of Opposite: Ch. Foxlor Schafrhaus Sammy Sosa

Winners Dog: Milestone Regatta

Winners Bitch: Hum'nbird Sail Away

Reserve Winners Dog: Caamora Saddle Lane Remy Martin

Reserve Winners Bitch: Saddle Lanes Saki Bomb

Awards of Merit:

Ch. Silvermine Saddlelane Mia Hamm
Ch. Rosewood Breeze'n By
Ch. Linincorgi Northwynd Everlasting
Ch. Riverside Wicked Wonderful
Ch. Aberlee Storm Force
Ch. Foxlair Unsolved Mystery
Ch. Aubreys Forever N For Always
Ch. Northrun Small Craft Warning
Ch. Hum'nbird Holiday On Ice       

Best Puppy: Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti

Best in Sweepstakes: Byendebrok Madame Butterfly

Herding High in Trial: Sua Mah Drifan Tradewind HSAsc

Obedience High In Trial: OTCH. Valleyvixen's Spellbinder, UDX3

Agility Challenge Winner: MACH 2 Hawk Hill's Tobi Bear

2007 Best of Breed - Ch. Arbor Festiniog Tempest 2007 Best of Opposite - Ch. Foxlor Schafrhaus Sammy Sosa 2007 Winners Dog - Milestone Regatta 2007 Winners Bitch - Hum'nbird Sail Away 2007 Reserve Winners Dog - Caamora Saddle Lane Remy Martin 2007 Reserve Winners Bitch - Saddle Lane's Saki Bomb 2007 Best Puppy - Heartsong Brynlea Pavarotti 2007 Best in Puppy Sweepstakes - Byendebrok Madam Butterfly 2007 Agility Challenge - MACH 2 Hawk Hill's Tobi Bear 2007 Obedience HIT - OTCH. Valleyvixen's Spellbinder, UDX3

2006 - Rohnert Park, CA

Judge(s): Peggy Kessler (D/I) Rutledge Parker (B), Entry: 571

Best of Breed: Ch. Craigycor Irish Cream

Best of Opposite: Ch. Sandyshire Phaedra

Winners Dog: Kinion Woodbine Cary Grant (BOW)

Winners Bitch: Arbor Festiniog Tempest

Reserve Winners Dog: Tallyrand High Five

Reserve Winners Bitch: Sandfox Destiny

Awards of Merit:

Ch. Crysmont Grand Slam
Ch. Riverside Wicked Wonderful
Ch. Caamora Gandy Dancer PT
Ch. Maplecreek Arabella
Ch. Tallyrand No Greater Love
Ch. Foxllyn's Gryffindor Knight
Ch. Tara Only Imagine
Ch. Dwynella Custom Made

Best Puppy: Nebriowa Now or Never

Best Veteran: Ch. Crysmont Grand Slam

Best in Sweepstakes: Linincorgi Northwynd Everlasting

BOS in Sweepstakes: Coalbyn's Irish Red King

Best in Veteran Sweeps: CH Crysmont Grand Slam

BOS Veteran Sweeps: CH Tallyrand No Greater Love

Herding High in Trial: Pokies Country Music Man HSAcds HIAd

Obedience High In Trial: CH. OTCH. Golden Road's Jack Straw UDX RA TD PT VCX

Agility Challenge Winner: MACH4 Nebriowa Flint

2006 Best of Breed - Ch. Craigycor Irish Cream 2006 Winners Dog & Best of Winners - Kinion Woodbine Cary Grant 2006 Best Puppy - Nebriowa Now or Never 2006 Reserve Winners Dog - Tallyrand High Five 2006 Obedience HIT - CH. OTCH. Golden Road's Jack Straw UDX RA TD PT VCX

2005 - St. Louis, MO

Judge(s): Diane Dickenson Elizabeth Cartledge, Entry 552

Best of Breed: Ch. Pot O'Gold's Vision of a Sunset

Best of Opposite: Ch. Aberlee Storm Force

Winners Dog: Woodbine Flashy Alibi

Winners Bitch: Sassapine All Things New

Reserve Winners Dog: Corgard Thanks For The Memories

Reserve Winners Bitch: Cariadh Tyger's Eye

Awards of Merit:

 Ch. Elfwish Tristan
Ch. Craigcor Irish Cream
Ch. Coventry Quest
Ch. Lost River's Hot Ticket
Ch. Nebriowa Veracity
Ch. Heronsway Send in the Clowns
Ch. Riverside Wicked Wonderful
Ch. Faerie Glen Albanee
Ch. Aubreys Forever N For Always
Ch. Byendebrok Mahjongg

Best Puppy: Corgard Thanks For The Memories

Best in Sweepstakes: Corgard Thanks For The Memories

BOS in Sweepstakes: Encore G Loomis

Best in Veteran Sweeps: Stonecroft's Simply Smitten

BOS Veteran Sweeps: Ch Elfwish Tristin

Herding High in Trial: JWJ's Rooster

Obedience High In Trial: Ch Byendebrok Belles and Whistles

Agility Challenge Winner: MACH Sandfox Caitlyn, TD

2005 Best of Breed - Ch. Pot O'Gold Vision of a Sunset 2005 Best of Opposite Sex - Ch. Aberlee Storm Force 2005 Best of Winner & Winners Dog - Woodbine Flashy Alibi 2005 Winners Bitch - Sassapine All Things New 2005 Reserve Winners Dog & Best Puppy - Corgard Thanks For The'Memories 2005 Reserve Winners Bitch - Cariadh Tyger's Eye 2005 Best in Sweeps - Jaax Lilly On The Riverbanks 2005 Agility Challenge - MACH Sandfox Caitlyn, TD 2005 Obedience HIT - Ch Byendebrok Belles and Whistles

2004 - Biloxi, MS

Judge(s): Jan Edwards Donna Francis, Entry: 408

Best of Breed: Heronsway Two for the Show

Best of Opposite: Ch. Wakefield Dandelion

Winners Dog: Byendebrok Tiddlywinks

Winners Bitch: Heronsway Two for the Show

Reserve Winners Dog: Triple H Once in a Brew Moon

Reserve Winners Bitch: Byendebrok Mahjonng

Awards of Merit:

Ch. Rosewood Esperence Flashback
Ch. Dwynella Custom Made
Ch. Aberlee Storm Force
Ch. Tara Just Squeeze Me
Ch. Foxlor Schaferhaus Sammy Sosa
Ch. Nebriowa Veracity
Ch. Stillwater Sky's The Limit
Ch. Pembryn Penny Black.

Best Puppy: Caamora All Dolled Up

Best in Sweepstakes: Maplecreek Silver Cygnet

BOS in Sweepstakes: Triple H Once in a Brew Moon

Best in Veteran Sweeps: Ch. Tallyrand Amazing Love

BOS Veteran Sweeps: Ch. Hallmarks Olympian

Herding High Scoring Pembroke: Wyndblwn Sportn

Obedience High In Trial: OTCH Jakita's Cayenne Cricket, UDX

Agility Challenge Winner: Sandfox Caitlyn, TD, MX, MXJ

2004 Best of Breed, BOW, WB - HERONSWAY TWO FOR THE SHOW 2004 Best of Opposite - CH. WAKEFIELD DANDELION 2004 Awards of Merit - L to R: Ch. Rosewood Esperence Flashback, Ch. Dwynella Custom Made, Ch. Aberlee Storm Force, Ch. Tara Just Squeeze Me, Ch. Foxlor Schaferhaus Sammy Sosa, Ch. Nebriowa Veracity, Ch. Stillwater Sky's The Limit, Ch. Pembryn P 2004 Winners Dog - Byendebrok Tiddlywinks 2004 Reserve Winners Dog & Best Opposite in Sweeps - Triple H Once in a Brew Moon 2004 Reserve Winners Bitch - Byendebrok Mahjonng 2004 Best Puppy - Caamora All Dolled Up 2004 Best in Sweepstakes - Maplecreek Silver Cygnet 2004 Best in Veteran Sweeps - Ch. Tallyrand Amazing Love 2004 Best Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweeps - Ch. Hallmarks Olympian 2004 Agility Challenge - Sandfox Caitlyn, TD, MX, MXJ 2004 Herding High Scoring Pembroke - Wyndblwn Sportn

2003 - Lancaster, PA

Judge(s): Mary Gay Sargent, Gayle Garvin

Best of Breed: Ch. Hum'bird Keepn Up'pearances

Best of Opposite: Ch. Greenwoods Moonlight Madness

Winners Dog: Dwynella Custom Made

Winners Bitch: Willoan's Becky Biggens

Reserve Winners Dog: Wakefield Dandelion

Reserve Winners Bitch: Sandyshire's Phaedra

Awards of Merit:


Best Puppy: Dwynella Custom Made

Best in Sweepstakes: Dwynella Custom Made


Best in Veteran Sweeps: CH. HERONSWAY HEARTBEAT


Herding High Scoring Pembroke: Drifan Whistle Stop, HSAs

Obedience High In Trial: Honeyfox N Jones Wild Card, CD

Agility Challenge Winner: Thelma, AX, AXJ

2003 Best of Breed - CH. HUM'NBIRD KEEPN UP'PEARANCES 2003 Best of Opposite - CH. GREENWOODS MOONLIGHT MADNESS 2003 Best of Winners, Winners Dog - DWYNELLA CUSTOM MADE 2003 WInners Bitch - WILLOAN'S BECKY BIGGENS 2003 Reserve Winners Dog - WAKEFIELD DANDELION 2003 Reserve Winners Bitch - Sandyshire's Phaedra 2003 Agility Challenge - Thelma, AX, AXJ 2003 Herding High Scoring Pembroke - Drifan Whistle Stop, HSAs 2003 Obedience HIT - Honeyfox N Jones Wild Card, CD

2002 -  Hillsboro, OR

Judge(s): Stephanie Hedgepath, Teresa Maddox, Entry: 415

Best of Breed: Ch. Llandian Love in the Mist

Best of Opposite: Ch. Foxlore Shafrhaus Sammy Sosa

Winners Dog: Dalarno Moondance Magic Brew

Winners Bitch: Maplecreek Arabelle

Reserve Winners Dog: Aberlee Storm Force

Reserve Winners Bitch: Greenwoods Hillary

Awards of Merit:

Ch. Tallryand No Greater Love
Ch. Aberlee Summer Flight
Ch. Camberwell Chiff Chaff,
Ch. Greenwoods Moonlight Madness
Ch. Nebriowa Hello Good Looking,
Ch. Heronsway Daydream Believer
Ch. Coventry Corgi Vroom

Best Puppy: Greenwoods I've Got a Secret

Best in Sweepstakes: Foxlair Call Girl

Herding High Scoring Pembroke: Jade Tree Penway Yukon, CDX, HS, OA, NAJ

Obedience High In Trial: Ch. Busy Bs BBD's Birthday Bash, UD TDX PT AX AXJ

Agility Challenge Winner: Snowrose Something Special, CGC, OA, AXJ

2002 Best of Breed - Ch Llandian Love in the Mist 2002 Best of Opposite Sex - Ch Foxlor Shafrhaus Sammy Sosa 2002 Awards of Merit 2002 Winners Dog, Best of Winners - Dalarno Moondance Magic Brew 2002 Winners Bitch - Maplecreek Arabelle 2002 Reserve Winners Dog - Aberlee Storm Force 2002 Reserve Winners Bitch - Greenwood's Hillary 2002 Best Puppy - Greenwood's I've Got A Secret 2002 Best in Sweepstakes - Foxlairs Call Girl 2002 Agility Challenge - Snowrose Something Special, CGC, OA, AXJ 2002 Obedience HIT - Ch. Busy Bs BBD's Birthday Bash, UD TDX PT AX AXJ

2001 - St. Louis, MO

Judge(s): Terry Hansen, Joan G. Reid, Entry: 470

Best of Breed: CH. Foxlor Shafrhaus Sammy Sosa

Best of Opposite: Ch. Otreks Hearts Design

Winners Dog: Llandian Heaven Knows

Winners Bitch: Curig Faerietale Sand Pebbles

Reserve Winners Dog: Wakefield Trick or Treat

Reserve Winners Bitch: Dalarno All That Glitters

Awards of Merit:

Ch. Aubrey Oakwind Armful of Fun. 
Ch. XIII Maples Stellar Idea, CD. 
Ch. Sandyshire's The Phantom. 
Ch. Heronsway Heartbeat. 
Ch. Llandian Love in the Mist. 
Ch. Stillwater Red Sky Olympian HC. 
Ch. Stillwater Sky's the Limit. Bitch.

Best Puppy: Dalarno All That Glitters

Best in Sweepstakes: Esprence Revellie of Rosewood

Herding High Scoring Pembroke: Buffalo Creek Wren, HT

Obedience High In Trial: Serendipitous Sassparilla, NA

Agility Challenge Winner: MACH2 High Flyer Ceridwen TD

2001 Best of Breed - Ch Foxlor Shafrhaus Sammy Sosa 2001 Best of Opposite - Ch Otreks Hearts Design 2001 Selections of Merit 2001 Best of Winners & Winners Dog - Llandian Heaven Knows 2001 Winners Bitch - Curig Faerietale Sand Pebbles 2001 Reserve Winners dog - Wakefield Trick or Treat 2001 Reserve Winners Bitch & Best Puppy - Dalarno All That Glitters 2001 Agility Challenge - MACH2 High Flyer Ceridwen TD 2001 Obedience High in Trial - Serendipitous Sassparilla, NA

2000 - Carlisle, PA

Judge(s): Sarah Taylor, Mrs. Mary Magness

Best of Breed: Ch. Stonecroft's Second Sight

Best of Opposite: Ch. Belroyd Dovkie

Winners Dog: Cinonnie Rigel

Winners Bitch: Byendebrok Constant Comment

Reserve Winners Dog: Sandyshire's Sunny Delight

Reserve Winners Bitch: Heronsway Affair to Remember

Awards of Merit:

Ch. Vache's Pendragon of Jimanie
Perivale Canyon Rose
Ch. Sandyshire's The Phantom
Ch. Camberwell Chiffchaff
Ch. Otrek's Christmas Caroler
Ch. Perrymist Constalations
Ch. Woodbine Alexandra
Ch. Heronsay Heartbeat

Best Puppy: Powdermill Pure Charm for Salvenik

Best in Sweepstakes: Aurora Oh So Tempting

Obedience High In Trial: OTCh. Honeyfox Three-Piece Suit

Agility Challenge Winner: MACH Rojanway Give Me A Call MX MXJ

2000 Best of Breed - Ch. Stonecroft's Second Sight 2000 Best of Opposite - Ch. Belroyd Dovkie 2000 Selections of Merit 2000 Winners Dog - Cinonnie Rigel 2000 Winners Bitch - Byendebrok Constant Comment 2000 Reserve Winners Bitch - Heronsway Affair to Remember 2000 Best Puppy - Powdermill Pure Charm for Salvenik 2000 Best in Sweepstakes - Aurora Oh So Tempting 2000 Agility Challenge - MACH Rojanway Give Me A Call MX MXJ 2000 Obedience HIT - OTCh. Honeyfox Three-Piece Suit

1999 - Carlisle, PA

Judge(s): Mrs. Anne Rogers Clark, Mrs. Glenda Cook, Entry: 490

Best of Breed: Ch. Ninacorte For Your Eyes Only

Best of Opposite: CH. XIV Karat Run for the Roses, PT

Winners Dog: Camberwell Chiffchaff

Winners Bitch: Hum'nbird Holiday on Ice

Reserve Winners Dog: Pennington Priceless

Reserve Winners Bitch: Foxlore Chetwynd Snowbird

Awards of Merit:

Ch. Sandysire's the Phantom
Ch. Sandfox Flying Finish, CDX
Ch. Windsor's Sand Dragon
Ch. Belroyd Dovekie
Ch. Sua Mah Always Perfect Harmony
Ch. Coventry Queue
Ch. Walborah's Abelia Brogan
Ch. Heronsway Velvet Moon

Best Puppy: Otreks Christmas Caroler

Herding High Scoring Pembroke: Culdi’s Pennies from Heaven, PT NA NAJ

Obedience High In Trial: CH. M-Tak Dare You To CDX

1999 Best of Breed - Ch. Ninacorte for Your Eyes Only 1999 Best of Opposite - Ch. XIV Karat Run for the Roses 1999 Selections of Merit 1999 Winners Bitch & Best of Winners - Hum'nbird Holiday On Ice
1999 Winners Dog - Camberwell Chiffchaff 1999 Reserve Winners Dog - Pennington Priceless 1999 Reserve Winners Bitch - Foxlore Chetwynd Snowbird 1999 Best Puppy - Otreks Christmas Caroler 1999 Herding High Scoring Pembroke - Culdi’s Pennies from Heaven, PT NA NAJ

1998 - Dayton, OH

Judge(s): Barbara Ludowici, Mary Winsome, Entry: 551

Best of Breed: Ch. Hallmarks Olympian

Best of Opposite: CH Ninacorte For Your Eyes Only

Winners Dog: Stonecroft's Second Sight

Winners Bitch: Sua Mah Hail And Farewell

Reserve Winners Dog: Ninacorté Miami Vice

Reserve Winners Bitch: Hum’nbird Holiday On Ice

Awards of Merit:

Sua Mah Hail and Farewell
CH Elfwish Jasmine
Ch. Elfwish Gingerbread Lady
Ch. Pinemeade Thyme At Marnac
CH Jade Tree Penway The Trollop
Ch. Larchmonts Jafar
Ch. Sandyshire's The Phantom
Ch. Nebriowa Chief Detective
CH Renefield Sportscaster
Ch. Fox Meadows Forest Gump.

Best Puppy: Tallyrand Archangel Michael

Best in Sweepstakes: Perrymist Constallations

Herding High Scoring Pembroke: Ch. Sandfox Flying Finish, CDX PT NA

Obedience High In Trial: Datelis Outrider, CDX

1998 Best of Breed - Ch. Hallmark Olympian 1998 Best of Opposite - Ch. Ninacorté For Your Eyes Only 1998 Selections of Merit 1998 Best of Winners & Winners Dog - Stonecroft’s Second Sight 1998 Winners Bitch - Sua Mah Hail And Farewell 1998 Reserve Winners Dog - Ninacorté Miami Vice 1998 Reserve Winners Bitch - Hum’nbird Holiday On Ice 1998 Best Puppy - Tallyrand Archangel Michael 1998 Best in Sweepstakes - Perrymist Constallations 1998 Herding High Scoring Pembroke - Ch. Sandfox Flying Flying Finish, CDX PT NA 1998 Oberdience HIT - Datelis Outrider, CDX

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